Fetch3D was founded in 2020 by a group of architects and designers who saw the need for affordable local 3D renderings in the AEC Industry. The existing North American 3D Rendering services available were convenient but expensive. The founders decided it was high time to change this and committed to providing cost-effective 3D renderings without compromising on the quality of the product and the quality of service.
In 2020, the Fetch 3D team was launched to provide 3D rendering services to local architects in Montana. In 2021, we decided to launch nationwide and started working with Architects and clients all over the country. In 2022, our service was highly appreciated for the value of service we provided. Our team grew and the company began assigning team members to clients according to their time zones. This made the Fetch3D team a seamless extension of the client’s existing workflow.
Nowadays, Fetch3D works with over 2000 clients all over the country and has a multitude of teams with different specializations. We have 6 team leads, have implemented AI for post-production, and built an online library of assets containing multiple assets, 3D models, and scenes. All of this has allowed us to provide high-quality 3D renders while still giving you the best value for your dime.
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